CRAN 3: Lover’s Ghost


The 3rd album by CRAN, a unique selection of songs & melodies from the Irish tradition, a meeting point between voice and instrument by these 3 renowned performers

  • Ronan Browne – pipes, flutes, whistles, keyboards, vocals
  • Sean Corcoran – vocals, bouzouki, guitar
  • Desi Wilkinson – flutes, whistles, vocals

with guests:

  • Kevin Glackin – fiddle, viola
  • Triona Ni Dhomhnaill – clavinet, harmonium, keyboards



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 Erin Grá Mo Chroí (track 1)

Black Rose Records BRRCD003; 55 minutes; 2000

  1. Song: Erin, Grá Mo Chroí
  2. Jigs & Song: Na Ceannabháin Bhána – The Black Rogue – Willie Clancy’s Secret Jig
  3. Slow Reel: The Killarney Boys of Pleasure
  4. Song: Stolen Bride
  5. Jigs: Micho Russell’s
  6. Song: Captain Thompson
  7. Marches: The Pikeman’s March – Tiarna Mhuigheó
  8. Ploughing Song: Hó Bó
  9. Highlands & Reels: The King George lV Highland – The Cat That Kittles in Jamie’s Wig – The Errigal Reel – Anderson’s Reel
  10. Slow Air: After Dawning
  11. Song: Newry Boat Song
  12. Set Dance: The Ace & Deuce of Pipering
  13. Song: Sé Oakum Mo Phriosúin
  14. Reel: The Trip to Cashel

“With each successive album, CRAN’s music has matured like whiskey in a cask. From the opening bars of the first track ‘Erin’ you know instinctively that something special is afoot. This inventive approach is sustained throughout – the listener is always engaged with the music, whether it be the cracking pace of ‘Na Ceannabháin’, its power given an extra zing by the use of a flat set of pipes, or on the brief and lovely nonsense of ‘Hó Bó’, a piece of mouth music which clocks in at under a minute in duration. There is much to mesmerise here, too – ‘Stolen Bride’ is just amazing, all three voices in harmony against Sean Corcoran’s lead – but the trump card is the ‘Newry Boat Song’, with its monastic style opening. It’s a song of unrequited love, sung both in Scots Gaelic and English. With Lover’s Ghost, CRAN have ensured that their reputation will gain further and deserved momentum. This is a lovely album where new discoveries about music will be made with each successive listen. Enjoy…”

Oliver Sweeney – HOT PRESS


“If it’s a recipe for matchless singing and peerless playing you’re after, then look no further than Lover’s Ghost, the third album by Irish traditional trio CRAN. First take the lyrical flute and whistles of Desi Wilkinson. Add a spice of Ronan Browne’s pipes and a dollop of his multi-instrumental skills. Next blend in Seán Corcoran’s stunning lead vocals and his bouzouki and guitar. Then dress with some fine unaccompanied singing from all three and there you have it, your own Lover’s Ghost. It’s a finely balanced album too with the pieces spanning the emotional gamut from the sombre song The Stolen Bride via the steady gait of a set of Donegal highlands and reels (graced by guest Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill’s clavinet) to the tip-tappity-toe merriment of Micho Russell’s jigs. There’s also some splendid fiddle work from the other guest musician, Kevin Glackin. Buy this or risk leading a poorer life.”


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